The technological advancements of drones/sUAS technology now allows planners and engineers to perform many tasks in a safer, more cost-efficient manner than ever before. 

Cost Effective Inspections 

Hoyle Tanner has made ongoing investments in sUAS technology, commonly referred to as drones, to respond to the continuous need for infrastructure inspection and maintenance, as well as the limitation of federal, state, and local budgets. Using drones, we are developing innovative solutions to data collection, infrastructure inspection and public outreach services. 

Hoyle Tanner provides drone services that range from airport obstruction analysis to bridge inspections, roadway data collection, and even earthwork quantity measurement. Other services that can be offered include wildlife hazard identification, security fence monitoring, roof inspection, traffic monitoring, post flood stormwater data collection, and other infrastructure inspection and analysis as needed. The ability to show decision makers — as well as the public — high-quality images of the targeted infrastructure has led to better resource prioritization when making decisions about repairs and replacements. 

Hoyle Tanner has multiple rotary wing sUAS platforms, FAA-certified remote pilots, and the experience and knowledge to provide both the flying and data-handling tasks. Our in-house technical experts and the sUAS team work directly with our clients on every mission. We understand that public safety is paramount and each of our missions is implemented in a FAA-compliant manner. We are confident we have identified service areas where drone technology can improve project quality and reduce time and cost for our clients. 


  • Airport Obstruction Analysis 
  • 2D & 3D Orthophoto Mosaic 
  • Airport Pavement Evaluation 
  • Earthwork Volumetrics 
  • Roadway Data Collection 
  • Roof Inspection 
  • Structure Inspection 

Michigan Department of Transportation

Michigan DOT – sUAS Training


View Project

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Drone Demonstration for Aircraft Accident Investigation


View Project

Sugarloaf Regional

Obstruction Identification

Carrabassett Valley, ME

View Project

Manchester Boston Regional Airport

Obstruction Study

Manchester, NH

View Project

Newton Field

Rehabilitate, Extend, Widen Runway 13-31 & Obstruction Removal

Jackman, ME

View Project

City of Brattleboro

I-91 Bridge Replacements - Bridges 8N&S and 9N&S

Brattleboro, VT

View Project

Dracut School

Dr. Christos Daoulas Education Complex

Dracut, MA

View Project

Town of Montgomery

Wastewater & Streetscape Study

Montgomery, VT

View Project

Town of Clarendon

Kingsley Covered Bridge Inspection

Clarendon, VT

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Andrews Construction Company, Inc.

Lumberyard sUAS Data Collection/Analysis

Middleton, NH

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Michigan DOT – sUAS TrainingMichigan

Drone Demonstration for Aircraft Accident InvestigationMassachusetts

Obstruction IdentificationCarrabassett Valley, ME

Obstruction StudyManchester, NH

Rehabilitate, Extend, Widen Runway 13-31 & Obstruction RemovalJackman, ME

I-91 Bridge Replacements - Bridges 8N&S and 9N&SBrattleboro, VT

Entrance to school complex showing traffic pattern after project construction

Dr. Christos Daoulas Education Complex Dracut, MA

Wastewater & Streetscape StudyMontgomery, VT

Kingsley Covered Bridge InspectionClarendon, VT

Lumberyard sUAS Data Collection/AnalysisMiddleton, NH

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