Hoyle Tanner’s aviation engineering team is hard at work this summer with ongoing design projects and providing construction administration services for vital airfield improvement projects. At Burlington International Airport in Vermont, the expansive terminal apron reconstruction is in its final phase of construction and the design for the new overnight aircraft parking apron is nearly complete. At Tweed-New Haven Airport in Connecticut the construction project to improve the Airport’s taxiway infrastructure system is well underway.

Burlington International Airport – South Burlington, Vermont

  • Terminal Apron: The existing 27-year-old terminal apron pavement was at the end of its design life and was experiencing alkali-silica reaction (ASR) failures and creating foreign object debris (FOD). This multiphase project removes and replaces the terminal apron’s nearly 72,000 sq. yd. of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) and bituminous concrete pavement; removes and replaces the existing stormwater drainage; and reapplies the airport surface painted markings. The reconstructed pavement provides a safe and functional surface on which aircraft and accessory vehicles travel.
  • New South Apron: Hoyle Tanner is currently providing the permitting and design phase services for the new 17,500 sq. yd. overnight aircraft parking apron on the southside of the Airport. The public-use portion of this new FAA funded apron will include new bituminous concrete pavement and the construction of an underground stormwater water quality and detention system. The design efforts have included coordination with BETA Technologies who are currently privately finding an adjacent apron area as part of their new electric aircraft manufacturing plant. Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2023.
Burlington International Airport construction photo
Construction at Burlington International Airport.

Tweed-New Haven Airport – New Haven, Connecticut

A substantial construction project underway right now involves relocating a portion of Runway 20’s parallel taxiway. This project addresses both the overall efficiency and safety of the Airport’s taxiway infrastructure system, specifically the lack of separation on the north end of the airfield between Taxiway A and Runway 2-20. It is also an opportunity to revise the pavement geometry for connected portions of Taxiways C, F and G to comply with the new FAA geometric design requirements. Having previously completed the permitting and design, Hoyle Tanner’s engineering team is currently providing construction administration services to Taxiway A to meet the 400’ runway-taxiway separation requirement.

The project was modified as construction progressed to address and mitigate for the removal of vegetation along the bank of an existing drainage swale that was dredged as part of the project to enhance drainage along the taxiway areas. Although not required under a permit, the airport voluntarily installed a line of mature trees to replace ones that were damaged and required removal during the excavation of the drainage swale with trees that are quick growing and will both screen along the road and provide wildlife habitat.

Tweed-New Have Airport photo in summer
Construction at Tweed-New Haven Airport.

The project manager for these projects is Vice President and Senior Airport Engineer Nils Gonzalez, PE. Reach out to him if you have questions about your airport, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with our latest projects.