We are pleased to announce the following employees are celebrating employment anniversaries this month; combined, they have 76 years at Hoyle Tanner. The effort and dedication of our employees plays a tremendous role in our success, and we appreciate their commitment!

Joseph Ripley Headshot
Joseph Ripley 13 years
Payton Borza Headshot
Payton Borza – 9 years
Betsy Bosiak Headshot
Elizabeth “Betsy” Bosiak 9 years
Michelle Stewart Headshot
Michelle Stewart – 8 years
Justin Keefe Headshot
Justin Keefe – 7 years

Kathryn Dziadowics Headshot
Kathryn Dziadowicz 6 years
Aidan Short Headshot
Aidan Short – 5 years
Nicholas Eagan Headshot
Nicholas Eagan 3 years
Schuyler Lamoureux Headshot
Schuyler Lamoureux – 3 years
Stephanie Bishop Headshot
Stephanie Bishop – 2 years
JJ Hollstein Headshot
JJ Hollstein – 2 years
Samantha Lewis Headshot
Samantha Lewis 2 years
Zachary Roussel Headshot
Zachary Roussel 2 years
Jeffrey Burnap Headshot
Jeffrey Burnap 1 year
Sarah Foy Headshot
Sarah Foy 1 year 
Paul Hobbs Headshot
Paul Hobbs 1 year 
Holly Lauzon Headshot
Holly Lauzon 1 year 
Kelly LaVigne Headshot
Kelly LaVigne 1 year