We are excited to announce that Stephen Haas, PE Senior Transportation Engineer, is now a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer® (PTOE.)

To become a PTOE, applicants must have at least four years of professional traffic operations engineering experience, have a valid professional engineer license in civil, mechanical, electrical, or general engineering, and pass the Professional Traffic Operations Engineer® exam. Stephen earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 2002 and his Professional Engineer license shortly after that.

“Certification as a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer® (PTOE) is a powerful demonstration of requisite knowledge, skill, and ability in the specialized application of traffic operations engineering.”  Stephen has long had a strong interest in traffic operations and safety.  He is excited that this certification will establish for his clients his in-depth understanding of industry standards such as the Highway Capacity Manual, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and Highway Safety Manual (among many others), allowing him to partner with them to design safe and efficient transportation systems for their communities. Through this process, the skills that he has mastered are essential tools for effectively designing large and small transportation projects to accommodate all users, including roadway corridors, intersections, roundabouts, traffic signals, Complete Streets, and construction work zones. He is eager for the opportunities that this will create for his clients and his company.

Stephen has nearly twenty years of experience in roadway design and is a recent past President of the New Hampshire Institute of Transportation Engineers (NHITE). Please join us in congratulating him on his certification and his commitment to focusing his career on traffic engineering.