Hoyle, Tanner’s Land Development Group recently provided site design and permitting services for a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and office building for Galvion through the local development company Summit Land Development, LLC.

Galvion, a new corporate brand of Revision Military, is a Canada-based military gear manufacturer that specializes in protective armor and head systems, as well as innovative power supply and management solutions for soldiers and vehicles. Galvion’s new location at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was constructed as an Advanced Warfighter Equipment Development Center and will have enough room for 75-100 new employees.

Developing the Site: Specifics

Hoyle, Tanner was instrumental in the development of the 8.7-acre site which was one of the few remaining large parcels suitable for development on the Tradeport. The existing site consisted of an abandoned network of old roads, sidewalks and infrastructure that was used to support former Air Force housing during the time when Pease was an active military base.

Hoyle, Tanner worked closely with the design team to redevelop the site into a modern facility meeting all the needs of the new high-tech building. The site layout includes a sweeping tree-lined access road, 190 parking spaces, two loading docks, sidewalks, drainage infrastructure, supporting utilities, landscaping and dark sky compliant lighting. As part of the project, adjacent wetland buffers were enhanced to their natural state through the removal of existing drainage outfalls, removal of invasive species, no-mow restrictions, and wetland specific plantings. Large cuts and fills were required to accommodate the sizable footprint of the new building. Special attention was required for the stormwater design due to the proximity to Newfield’s Ditch and Hodgson Brook. Stormwater for the development was detained and treated through an underground chamber system as well as a treatment swale and detention basin. The project required permitting through the Pease Development Authority, City of Portsmouth and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for an Alteration of Terrain Permit.

Construction Phases

The proposed facility will be constructed in two phases, with the first 41,800 square foot building nearing completion. Hoyle, Tanner worked directly with the contractors to ensure all site construction was in compliance with the approved design documents and also worked with the design team to address revisions related to the building design. The second phase of the project will include an additional 55,000 square foot building expansion. Hoyle, Tanner is excited to welcome Galvion to their new facility on the Tradeport.