After just one year with Hoyle, Tanner, Ryan McMullen has established a reputation for being a committed engineer and being a valuable support to our bridge team in Portsmouth, NH. We are very happy to congratulate him on this milestone, as he has successfully passed the exam and obtained his Professional Engineer (PE) license.

The PE title is not easy to come by and requires demonstrated skills and knowledge gained from years of hard work. The license proves competency, credentials and responsibility, as the engineer must first earn a college degree and spend at least four years training under a PE before having the opportunity to take two separate competency exams.

After earning his Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the University of New Hampshire, Ryan quickly got to work in his field. His experiences include developing bridge engineering studies, preliminary design reports, drafting of preliminary and final design plans, and inspection of fracture critical bridges. He has performed construction administration for pedestrian and simple span vehicular bridges, has been on site to inspect precast concrete bridge elements, and is not stopping there!

Both on and off-site, Ryan’s expertise is evident and we are proud of his achievement. Please join us in applauding Ryan on his recent success. He can be reached at (603) 431-2520 ext. 17 or