Waterstone Properties Group, Inc. is progressing on Phase 1 of a new destination spot in Westbrook, Maine –Rock Row. Rock Row is expanding on an old quarry, providing hundreds of residential units, a movie theater, office spaces, retail and restaurant locations, a concert venue, and a 26-acre recreational quarry that will host a Quarry Spectacular visual water and light show on special occasions.

Hoyle, Tanner assisted Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. by completing a hydraulic analysis for sections of existing gravity sanitary sewer on Cottage and Forest Streets in Westbrook to determine if there is sufficient available hydraulic capacity in the existing sewers to accommodate the wastewater flow from the Rock Row development. Plans and profiles for each pipe length were provided to Hoyle, Tanner by Jones & Beach Engineers, as well as flow monitoring results at two metering locations. Work on this project is very much a collaborative effort. Flows were metered at these two locations from May 20, 2019 through June 6, 2019 by Flow Assessment Services. This is generally the high-groundwater, high-flow period of the year. Several rainfall events occurred during the flow metering period.

Two segments of the gravity sewer on North Forest Street were found to have slightly negative or reverse slope. We used SewerCAD software to analyze the flow characteristics in these and other segments. The limiting capacity was not the reverse slope segments, but another section of sewer laid at a very flat slope. The proposed solution is to reconstruct sections of the existing sewer reducing the run from three manholes and four pipes to one manhole and two pipes at a new slope.

Special thanks to Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. for getting us involved in this project. We will also be involved in the engineering for Phase 2 of this project, which will be under way soon. Our part  is a small piece, but so important for the functionality of the whole complex. The project is underway and anticipated to be completed in 2021. We are very happy to be involved in such a big project and cannot wait to see it completed! For more information, check out the Rock Row website.