Hoyle Tanner and Ironwood Design Group recently completed the design of the second phase of renovations of the City of Manchester, New Hampshire’s Sheehan-Basquil park to add exciting new recreational features including a splash pad and playground. Prior to the completion of this important project the park consisted of a soccer mini-pitch, pool, bathhouse, small play area and baseball fields.

The City’s goal for this phase of the park’s renovation was to provide new features to benefit more diverse age groups in the community. Our team led a public outreach campaign to understand the community’s vision for the centralized park by collecting data to determine how the neighborhood used the park, who used the park, and what amenities were of primary importance. After overwhelming neighborhood involvement it was evident that not all of the desired amenities (including tennis courts, picnic tables, skateparks, a walking loop, etc…) could be incorporated during this current phase of the renovation but a plan was developed to consider potential future projects.

This project included a colorful splash pad with multiple features including water nozzles that can shower, spray, rain and mist, a new playground with a rubberized surface, and improved lighting for safety. Mayor Joyce Craig cut the ceremonial ribbon with the neighborhood children on June 24, 2021 marking the opening of the newly renovated play area.

We are proud of our collaboration with City leaders and the community to create a better, brighter, and safer, usable space in the heart of the Queen City. With the City of Manchester’s commitment to neighborhood enrichment, the park is a destination for outdoor activities for all ages.