Town of Seabrook

Wastewater & Stormwater Asset Management Assistance

Seabrook, NH

Project Summary

Hoyle Tanner supported the Town of Seabrook in the development of an asset management program for both wastewater and stormwater horizontal and vertical assets. This project included both the Public Works and Wastewater Departments resulting in the need to develop common workflows between the two groups to ensure program success and to better reflect intended level of service and actual work progressions across both departments. This project includes refining the Town’s inventory, assessing assets’ condition and risk, and further analyzing life cycle costs to develop funding strategy. As part of this project, the program development paid for the GPS equipment that updates the GIS in real time. Hoyle Tanner also provided training using ArcMap for the Town to maximize the use of their CMMS (PeopleGIS) program. This allows for custom maps for different types of tasks (catch basin and sewer pipe cleaning or inspections). 

Hoyle Tanner worked closely with PeopleGIS to advance their vertical capability in the vertical assets. This allowed the ability to evaluate the facility through hierarchy and process within the wastewater facility. 


  • Training 
  • Condition 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Financial 
  • Capital Planning 

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