City of Manchester

Victory Parking Garage

Manchester, NH

Project Summary

Hoyle Tanner has provided services to the City of Manchester for the Victory Parking Garage since 2000. The Victory Parking Garage is a four-level structure constructed from precast double-tee beams supported on precast concrete beams and columns. Hoyle Tanner’s services have included inspection, evaluation, preparation of a maintenance plans, final design for rehabilitation projects, and part time construction observations.  

Structural repairs have included replacement and repairs to the stair towers, drainage system flushing and repair, concrete spall repairs to columns, beams, and deck topping, epoxy injection for concrete cracks, and reapplication of the deck waterproofing membrane. Rehabilitative designs also included repairs/improvements to the garage stairwell to correct structural deficiencies and improve access. 

Construction-phase services included part-time resident observations, review of shop drawings and product submittals, and construction administrative support to the City during the construction period. 


  • Condition Assessment 
  • Report Preparation 

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