Town of Peterborough

Union Street Reconstruction

Peterborough, NH

Project Summary

This two-lane roadway provides a vital link between downtown and West Peterborough as it winds along the Nubanusit Brook. Due to the inadequate structural box, poor soils, and utility construction the roadway had deteriorated, cracked and rutted throughout its length. In addition, along segments of this roadway the profile remained extremely flat, promoting ponding and drainage issues. 

To address the deficiencies, our design involved the reconstruction of 6,200 linear feet of roadway and associated sidewalk which included profile adjustments, pavement reclamation and geotextile reinforcement. During the roadway reconstruction the failing sanitary sewer system was replaced and the existing asbestos cement pipe removed. The existing drainage system was also replaced and additional catch basins were incorporated to improve runoff capture, while the drainage outfalls were maintained to reduce impacts to the brook and surrounding wetlands. Subsurface drainage was also added to remove groundwater from the roadway box. Context sensitive solutions were also utilized to provide the required improvements while limiting impacts to historic homes, steep slopes, and roadside stone walls. 

The project presented significant design challenges through the rural and urban area transitions, as well as at the bisection of Adams Playground. Innovative design features including splitter islands, raised intersections, chicanes, painted crosswalks and pedestrian scale lighting were all incorporated to improve the livability and walkability of the area. 


  • Final Design 
  • Drainage Analysis 
  • Traffic Control/Management 
  • Permitting 
  • Utility Coordination 
  • Right-of-Way Coordination 
  • Construction Administration 
  • Construction Observation 

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