Worcester Regional Airport

Transient Ramp & East Taxilane Rehabilitation

Worcester, MA

Project Summary

To address poor airfield pavement conditions required rehabilitating over 15,000 square yards of the Transient Ramp and East Taxilane. Additionally, approximately 2,200 square feet of existing asphalt pavement in front of the ARFF building was also removed and replaced with concrete pavement.  

 The concrete pavement construction in front of the ARFF building will help avoid future issues with pavement rutting due to the weight of the fire trucks. Security improvements included installation of gate a new lighter-weight slide gate and hard wire access system eliminating communication problems with the current wireless system.  Hoyle Tanner created a customized, flexible construction phasing approach which allowed the contractor maximum work area access and provided hourly work schedule updates. This combination resulted in cost savings for the client. 


  • Design 
  • Bid Process Administration 
  • Construction Administration 
  • Construction Observation 

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