New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Roger Rangers Bridge – US Route 2 over the Connecticut River Bridge Inspection & FASTLANE Grant Assistance

Lancaster, NH - Guildhall, VT

Project Summary

This project involved the detailed, hands-on NBIS inspection and load rating of the US Route 2 “Rogers Rangers” bridge over the Connecticut River between the towns of Lancaster, NH and Guildhall, VT.  The bridge is a historic 400′ long two-span Parker Truss constructed in 1958. The inspection was completed by two crews over a two-week period using an under-bridge inspection vehicle to reach the floor system and lower chords and a man-lift to simultaneously reach the upper chords and lateral bracing.  

The bridge rating included all truss members, stringers, floor beams, and all gusset plates. Recommendations for repairs were documented in an Inspection Report and the live load carrying capacity was reported in a Rating Report and NHDOT From 4. The services were performed under Hoyle Tanner’s On-Call Bridge Design Agreement. 

Hoyle Tanner is currently developing the design of the replacement of the Rogers Rangers bridge. As US Route 2 is a critical east-west freight corridor connecting northern New Hampshire and Vermont to Interstate 91 and 93 in eastern Vermont, this project was viewed as a candidate for discretionary funding under the USDOT FASTLANE grant program. Development of the application included solicitation for political support for the project from elected officials, documentation of the purpose and need for the project, developing a detailed Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) as well as preparing content relative to anticipated project costs, schedule, sustainability, social and economic benefits, life safety benefits and other characteristics of the project. All materials were submitted through USDOT’s grant program website by NHDOT. NHDOT has requested $5 million through the grant program to cover approximately 50% of the anticipated project costs. 


  • Funding Assistance 

  • Bridge Rating Inspection 

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