New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Road Safety Audit at NH Route 28 Intersection

Chichester, New Hampshire

Project Summary

Hoyle Tanner was engaged by NHDOT to prepare for and conduct a Road Safety Audit (RSA) at the NH 28/Kelley Corner/Webster Mills Road Intersection. NH 28, locally know as Suncook Valley Road, is a minor arterial roadway carrying 13,810 vehicles per day (2019 AADT), with a 50-mph posted speed limit in this area. Kelley Corner and Webster Mills Road are local roads with a 35-mph posted speed limit, operating under stop sign control.  

This location has experienced 60 vehicular crashes resulting in 23 injuries in the past 10 years. The goal of the RSA is to recommend improvements that lead to implementation of actions intended to reduce the risk of crashes. NHDOT, through the RSA process, is seeking to compile and analyze data, conduct field observations with same day measurements, engage local officials, compile a list of issues, define a range of improvements to the intersection area, estimate improvement costs, use Crash Modification Factors (CFMs) to compute the benefit dollars associated with each improvement. Qualifying actions and improvements may be eligible for federal funding. 


  • Roadway Safety Audit 
  • Traffic Assessment  
  • Roadway Risk Management  

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