New Hampshire Department of Transportation

NH Route 119 over the Connecticut River Bridges

Hinsdale, NH - Brattleboro, VT

Project Summary

The NH Route 119 over the Connecticut River Bridges, also known as the Anna Hunt Marsh Bridge and Charles Dana Bridge (NHDOT Bridge Nos. 041/040 and 042/044, respectively) were constructed in 1920 and 1927, rehabilitated in 1988, and are comprised of Camelback steel through trusses spaced at 23’-0”.  The bridges serve as a vital link between Hinsdale, NH and Brattleboro, VT, and connect each state to a small island in the middle of the Connecticut River. 

Our NBIS-certified inspectors led a bi-annual routine and fracture critical inspection of the bridges while always maintaining one lane of traffic. A lift was used on the bridge to provide ‘hands-on’ access to fracture critical members in the upper portions of the truss, while an AquaLift boat was utilized for the lower portions of the truss and floor framing. Boat access reduced inspection time compared to traditional equipment, as equipment did not need to be maneuvered through truss members. This inspection was completed as part of an on-call complex bridge contract with NHDOT.  

In the next phase of the project, the information obtained from our in-depth inspection was utilized in the preparation of plans to rehabilitate the bridge for use as a pedestrian and recreational bridge. The rehabilitation includes replacement of highly deteriorated members, truss member repairs, installation of a new deck, and modifications to allow safe use by pedestrians. The completion of this project will allow for continued use of this historic structure. 


  • NBIS Bridge Inspection 
  • Report Preparation 

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