City of Burlington

Integrated Water Quality Management Plan

Burlington, VT

Project Summary

Hoyle Tanner is leading a team of water quality consultants working with the City to address a multitude of water quality issues, driven by different Clean Water Act programs, identifying and prioritizing water quality opportunities that result in a viable program to achieve the City’s water quality goals. The ultimate purpose of the project is to determine whether the objectives of the Clean Water Act programs can be met by use of a singular regulatory document (Integrated Permit) instead of the traditional approach to use separate permits to regulate wastewater, stormwater and CSO discharges across the City. Tasks included development of a comprehensive clean water alternatives analysis, including identification of enhanced phosphorus optimization at wastewater treatment facilities; identification of City-wide runoff (stormwater and wet-weather) opportunities; planning concepts for high-priority runoff mitigation projects and wastewater alternatives; facilitation of public outreach; preparation of separate skeleton Preliminary Engineering Reports for stormwater and wastewater alternatives; preparation of a Long Term Control Plan to address the City’s CSOs; financial capability analysis of alternatives; and ultimately development of the Integrated Water Resources Plan Report that includes a portfolio of projects to meet the City’s water quality obligations and goals, proposed schedule for implementation, public and regulatory agency participation plan, and monitoring plan and adaptive management plan for successful implementation. Burlington’s draft Integrated Plan has been submitted to the regulators and is awaiting follow-up discussion.


  • Wastewater Process Modeling  
  • Hydraulic Analysis

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