Goffstown Village Water Precinct

Goffstown Village Water Asset Management

Goffstown, NH

Project Summary

Hoyle Tanner supported the Goffstown Village Water Precinct in the development of an Asset Management program for both vertical and horizontal assets. The collection of all vertical assets were collected by Hoyle Tanner and entered into EPA software (CUPSS). This included attributes, pictures, consequence of failure and condition allowing the software to calculate risk for all of the assets. The financial data was keyed into CUPSS by the clerk allowing CUPSS to do a financial assessment projecting out 20 years. 

Hoyle Tanner provided training and equipment for the staff to collect the GPS points of their water system. This was put into ESRI and maps were generated for the staff to mark up to collect the year installed, material and diameter for the distribution. The staff went out a second time to collect all water shut offs for all customers. Hoyle Tanner trained staff on the development of hydrant forms, which were used for hydrant condition assessment during spring flushing. The forms are completed on a tablet or smart phone using the cloud to house all its data. 


  • Inventory Collection 
  • Condition Assessment 
  • Criticality Analysis 
  • Level of Service Establishment 
  • Training 

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