City of South Burlington

Farrell Street Reconstruction Design

South Burlington, VT

Project Summary

The Farrell Street pavement condition had been worsening in recent years with increasing heavy truck traffic. 

The City of South Burlington had been planning for major sanitary sewer and potable water transmission main infrastructure improvements on Farrell Street. As part of this project, the city also engaged Hoyle Tanner to evaluate traffic volume and vehicle classification and design the road pavement and markings. The pavement life-cycle request was to be suitable for a 20-year design life. The roadway is along a popular bike route and accordingly Hoyle Tanner recommended relatively inexpensive bicycle accommodations within the existing curb-to-curb footprint to enhance the safety and use for cyclists. 

Dedicated usable shoulder space and the “bike pocket” pavement marking layout was proposed. The markings are critical to the effectiveness of enhancing safety by utilizing color contract to accentuate the pavement use for each user type. 

Since construction of this layout was a first for the community, Hoyle Tanner has followed up to discover that this stretch of road and intersection is functioning as intended and has promoted a higher level of non-vehicle use within the roadway cross section. 

Ancillary activities included stormwater drainage system improvements and modifications. 


  • Roadway Assessment 
  • Study 
  • Final Design 
  • Bid Process Administration 
  • Contract Document Preparation

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