City of Somersworth

Downtown Revitalization

Somersworth, NH

Project Summary

Using municipal funds, the City first engaged Hoyle Tanner to perform a study of the existing utility infrastructure when we discovered that some services dated back to the 1800s within the downtown area. The City concurred with our findings that water, storm drainage, and portions of the sewer system needed replacement.  Also, the existing drainage system was not sufficient to capture stormwater flows causing flooding throughout the downtown. 

As a result, the Somersworth Downtown Streetscape project became a revitalization project to include site improvements and approximately 3,500 feet of roadway reconstruction through downtown with closed drainage and water line replacement, as well as sewer replacement. Hoyle Tanner designed the profile and cross-sections for the roadway to facilitate improvements to the roadway drainage and create a safer roadway geometry. Streetscape improvements such the addition of bicycle lanes, reconfigured parking, and ADA compliant sidewalks encouraged multi-modal transit while aesthetic features such as urban tree wells, decorative street lighting, benches and landscaping revitalized the historic downtown. The project scope also included design of a new traffic signal at the 5-way intersection on the south end of the project. 

Hoyle Tanner facilitated extensive coordination with private utility companies to replace gas and utility poles within the project area during construction as well as the relocation of existing underground duct banks. Additional coordination was performed with two of the City’s adjacent concurrent construction projects. We prepared bid ready design plans and technical specifications, assisted during bidding, and provided resident engineering inspection and contract administration services. 


  • Design 
  • Hydrological Analysis 
  • Signalization 
  • Utilities Coordination 
  • Construction Observation 

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