City of South Burlington

Bartlett Brook Central Stormwater Improvement Project

South Burlington, VT

Project Summary

The Bartlett Brook Central Stormwater Improvement Project was identified during the Bartlett Brook Flow Restoration Plan (BBFRP) development. Prior to construction, primarily untreated collected stormwater runoff was discharged west of the neighborhood through four separate outfalls. The identified contributing sub-watershed area is approximately 84 acres in size, with approximately 16 acres of that being impervious cover. Following discharge from the neighborhood, the collected stormwater flowed into Bartlett Brook, crossing beneath Route 7 and ultimately into Shelburne Bay. The design concept that had been developed by others through the BBFRP process included capturing collected stormwater runoff from the neighborhood and conveying this stormwater to a City owned parcel on the west and downgradient side of the neighborhood to allow for underground infiltration. Upon further investigation, site soil conditions were found to be unfavorable for stormwater infiltration. As a result, the Hoyle Tanner team designed a gravel wetland at the City owned site to provide for flow detention and phosphorus removal of the collected stormwater runoff from the contributing residential drainage area. The gravel wetland facility and stormwater collection system improvements were constructed in 2017.


  • Final Design  
  • Permitting  
  • Hydraulic Analysis  
  • Subconsultant Coordination  
  • Construction Administration  
  • Construction Observation  

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