City of Burlington

Asset Management - Water Treatment Resources Division

Burlington, VT

Project Summary

Hoyle Tanner supported the City of Burlington on advancing this phase of the City’s Asset Management Program development focused on the Water Resource Division that oversees Water, Wastewater and Stormwater which included: 

  • refinement of level of service agreement
  • development of an asset inventory
  • condition assessment
  • risk assessment to identify priority assets
  • review and refinement of grant deliverables

This work builds upon the earlier phases of work that Hoyle Tanner provided for the City, which included the development of a citywide preliminary strategic Asset Management Plan and a detailed Asset Management Plan specifically focused on the City’s Water Resources Division. 

As part of Phase I, Hoyle Tanner worked with the City to develop the best approach for implementation of an asset management program with a understanding that it would start with one department and build from there. This included interviewing 17 different departments from Public Works to Burlington Electric Department. The findings showed that the Water Resource Department was the department to best start with. 

In Phase IA, Hoyle Tanner developed a Strategic Asset Management Plan for the Water Resources Division. 

Continuing, Phase II included the implementation of the Water Resource Strategic Asset Management Plan. This phase developed and Asset Management Plan provided short- and long-term goals and resources need to implement a full asset management program. The groups involved included Wastewater Division, Water Resources Customer Service and Billing, Water Meter Group, Water Distribution Group, Water Treatment Plant and Water Resource GIS. 


  • Inventory Collection 
  • Condition Assessment 
  • Criticality Analysis 
  • Level of Service Establishment 
  • Funding Assistance 
  • Training 

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