Hoyle Tanner managed the construction phase of Sand Hill Road Bridge over Long Pond Brook in Newport, New Hampshire. Our team provided construction observation and administration services after another consultant completed the design and permitting of the project.

This project includes the replacement of the existing, structurally deficient and red-listed 27-foot-long bridge, which consisted of steel I-Beams with asphalt-filled, steel corrugated deck, supported on stone abutments. The original date of construction is unknown. Due to its deteriorated and limited load-carrying capacity, the Town undertook a repair project in 2021 and installed 10 additional I-Beams to support the steel deck.

Due to contractor’s means and methods, an amendment of the wetland permit was required, and Hoyle Tanner’s environmental permitting team assisted in getting the amendment approved by NHDES in a timely manner, avoiding any construction delays. The project also required extensive coordination with affected overhead utility owners and the engineer of record to keep the project’s construction on schedule and budget. Prestressed concrete plant inspections were also completed to perform quality assurance for the fabrication of the prestressed concrete beam elements.

Our engineers were in constant contact with the design engineer to develop a trusting relationship and be on the same team – this worked well. We looked at the contractor’s tasks ahead and took steps to avoid any construction issues. This involved items such as: making sure the submittals were approved prior to that type of work taking place, ensuring that both the resident engineer and contractor understood the details and underlying intent, and having coordination meetings that upcoming work was performed in conformance with the contract documents.

Neil H. Daniels Inc. (Daniels) of Ascutney, Vermont was awarded the construction project, and Hoyle Tanner engineers worked closely with Daniels and the design engineer of the project throughout the project duration.

This project was substantially completed in November 2022 and is scheduled for final completion in May 2023. We want to thank the design engineer, the contractor and the Town of Newport for working closely with our team to achieve a common goal of successfully completing a project on time and under budget. To see progress reports and photos, head to the town website. To find more information about our bridge services, see our projects!

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