As people continue to migrate to Florida, municipal services throughout the state scramble to keep up with the surge. Included is the City of Lake Wales where Hoyle Tanner has been tasked with projecting and planning how to meet the City’s future water demands.

With an expected doubling of its water service population over the next 20 years, the choices range from purchasing water from a proposed regional system, developing a new City water supply source and treatment system, expanding the City’s reclaimed water system, demand management techniques or improving sustainable use of existing resources.

Shutting off the most widely used aquifer by the regional water management district poses a challenge in developing the most reliable, cost-effective solution given the technical and regulatory constraints associated with each of these options. We will continue to collaborate with and provide technical direction to the water team that includes the City’s management, utility and development services staff and their outside attorney.

Senior Environmental Engineer David Edson, PE talks more about this project and the process of finding the right solution in this article.

3 square photos featuring different parts of Lake Wales FL
Photos taken in Lake Wales, Florida by David Edson