Last summer, Hoyle Tanner construction managers and resident engineers were in the midst of critical infrastructure projects at three New England airports. One year later, we report that each project’s successes are evident as construction is wrapping up.

Runway Rehabilitations & Safety Area Improvements at Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport: A significant portion of the reconstruction of this runway took place during the height of the COVID outbreak in the 2020 summer and fall construction season. Although the runway paving continued uninterrupted, a short shut down was necessary while waiting for the FAA travel restrictions to be lifted so they could complete the necessary navigational equipment removals and installations. Currently, the final stages of this construction are underway including grooving the primary runway and applying final pavement markings to both the runway and associated taxiways.

Rehabilitate Runway 16-34 at Portsmouth International Airport at Pease: The innovative Runway 16-34 construction schedule (developed by Hoyle Tanner in collaboration with numerous stakeholders) was successful in maintaining airport safety, minimizing operational impacts, and producing a rehabilitated nearly two-mile-long runway. In fact, Runway 16-34 was reopened 30 days ahead of schedule and $2.8 million under budget. ACEC-NH also recognized the project with a silver medal for engineering excellence. With the savings realized from the runway reconstruction, the airport is currently reconstructing the remainder of two taxiway pavement areas located beyond the runway safety area.

Terminal Ramp Reconstruction at Burlington International Airport: Last summer’s construction focused on removing and replacing nearly 11,500 square yards of the existing Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) apron pavement. Since then, we have completed that work and have moved on to the overnight area portion of the apron. We are using approximately 7,300 square yards of PCC to replace the 20-year-old existing apron pavement. This will complete the replacement of all concrete apron around the terminal building. The next stage of this project, which is scheduled for summer 2022, will include constructing an underground retention pond with a sand filter.