We are pleased to announce the following employees are celebrating employment anniversaries this month; combined, they have 89 years at Hoyle Tanner. The effort and dedication of our employees plays a tremendous role in our success, and we appreciate their commitment!

Suzanne Sheppard Headshot
Suzanne Sheppard – 28 years
Joel Vendt Headshot
Joel Vendt – 10 years
Katelyn Welch Headshot
Katelyn Welch – 9 years
Kayla Hampe Headshot
Kayla Hampe – 8 years
Nahal Marraffa Headshot
Nahal Namazi – 8 years
Heidi Marshall Headshot
Heidi Marshall – 6 years

Christina Slosek Headshot
Christina Slosek – 6 years
Amy Chase Headshot
Amy Chase – 5 years
Chris Singer Headshot
Chris Singer – 5 years
Amy DeCola Headshot
Amy DeCola – 2 years 
Michael Murphy Headshot
Michael Murphy – 1 year
Sara Sullivan Headshot
Sara Sullivan – 1 year