Nichole’s passion revolves around making a difference, and that’s exactly what she does at Hoyle Tanner. As our Creative & Development Director, Nichole is looked to for her innovative ideas and engaging solutions. In addition to leading our branding and marketing efforts, Nichole works closely with the Chief Financial Officer to coordinate and customize our database software to make it efficient and reliable for all. She has been a champion of change in the way we practice business for the betterment of our project managers as well as our clients. Whether it’s one-on-one coaching to help colleagues or giving public presentations to hundreds of people, Nichole is a constant resource for all team members. With her energetic, outgoing personality, she always tries to lead and inspire others to think creatively and give back. She is active in our industry as well as the community as a member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, American Consulting Engineers Council (Public Relations and Technical Transfer Planning Committees), and more.  

Despite all she does within the industry, Nichole is also known for her big heart – regularly donating blood to the American Red Cross, organizing charity drives at Hoyle Tanner, and helping out friends and family in need. Nichole is driven by solving challenges and making a positive impact in her community.