Judy serves as a Senior Vice President and Director of Human Resources where her main priority is (and always will be) the employees. She sees employees on their first day and the connection continues throughout their career at Hoyle Tanner, even when they don’t see her. Judy has seen a lot of positive changes over the years during her tenure. She is especially excited about the strides Hoyle Tanner has recently made to utilize technology that human resources had never used before. Having this technology has allowed the firm to streamline many processes and make HR more user-friendly. It’s an ever-changing work in progress and one she is very proud to be part of. 

Judy loves being able to work with people at all levels and make their work experiences as positive as hers has been. She lives in Manchester and loves spending time with her three now-grown children, Max, Rye, and Emily, along with her dog Penny.