While COVID-19 forced us into our homes, it also forced us to look at the way we were operating as a business.

Before, our employees came into the office somewhere between 6:30 am to 8:30 am and left between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. There were exceptions of course as Hoyle Tanner has been known for its flexibility, but for the most part, the water coolers had conversations around them, the vending machines were slapped when they withheld their promised goodies, and the smell of coffee was always in the air.

During COVID, when we safely opened the offices again, it became clear that many of our employees had workplace preferences. Some came back to the offices as soon as it was considered safe; others maintained their distance because it either helped them focus more or their schedules and need for work/life balance demanded it.

That brings us to the After. While you will hear some companies and CEOs trying to find incentives to get people back into their offices instead of letting everyone work from home, you will also hear of businesses that have shunned their rent and gone completely remote. We don’t think either is bad, but we think we’ve found the best middle ground there is.

Enter: The Hoyle Tanner Telework Policy.

This is one of our newest employee benefits and one most people seem to be embracing. Those who wish to work in the office full time are enjoying being back. Our professionals who wish to operate more out of their home base now have the opportunity to request to work remotely and come to the office less frequently. It’s on a trial basis, of course; it takes coordination with supervisors and conversations with your team.

There’s another thing: we know outfitting a telework space can be cost-inhibitive. So as part of our new policy, we have included a telework stipend for home office equipment.

Whether our team prefers to stay in the office or work some time from home, we think it’s exciting that we can offer this to employees. Just ask the team:

“It is nice to have a formalized policy and I greatly appreciate that it allows me to spend more time with my children and less time traveling to and from the office. Though I don’t see it changing the flexibility the company has always been willing to provide.” – Jeffrey, 20 years at Hoyle Tanner

“The telework policy is so beneficial to me because it gives me more flexibility in my work schedule and helps me stay productive. With the support from Hoyle, Tanner, I am able to work anytime, anywhere with ease.” – Nahal, 5 years at Hoyle Tanner

“Initially I was concerned that I would not be able to perform my duties remotely.  But now, after experiencing it, I am so happy that it is an option.  We can still see other faces and interact, just remotely.” – Mary, 4 years at Hoyle Tanner

“I started working for Hoyle Tanner remotely about 10 months ago so my impacts might be a little different from the long-term employees, for me it has been easy to work and communicate with everyone remotely. Hoyle Tanner keeping the option to telework as we return to normal has been a big positive for me. This option shows us that the company has been doing well and they trust their employees to continue to do their best while encouraging us to work where we feel most comfortable and get time back in our day. Telework has allowed everyone to work with people outside of their home office more regularly and that has been great for exposure to different types of projects.” – Emily, Less than 1 year at Hoyle Tanner

“I personally love the telework policy. I started full-time at Hoyle Tanner during the pandemic and have really preferred the [work from home] setup compared to my commute while I was an intern. I have not found the technology or communication to be much of a hurdle.” – Aidan, 2 years at Hoyle Tanner

“In these changing times, the ability to collaborate with our team in the office or via remote meetings is a great benefit. A quick video call and share screen is the new pop by the desk. The success of our telework policy is direct result of our entire team’s willingness to make it work.” – Owen, 3 years at Hoyle Tanner

“There is always a struggle finding that perfect balance between work and life. The new Hoyle Tanner telework policy virtually eliminates that struggle, making it easier to attain that desired balance.” – Paul, 7 years at Hoyle Tanner

“Even though I’ve chosen to work full time in our Manchester office, this telework policy is a benefit for everyone. I know there will be a time in my future where my circumstances change and I can easily transition to working from home as I need to.” – Katie, 6 years at Hoyle Tanner

“Without this option right now, I don’t know that I’d be able to continue working full time with the constraints Covid has placed on families (especially with young children). I’ve always felt that as long as your work is getting done and getting done accurately and in a timely manner, then you could work from Mars at 2am for all I care. You have to have faith in your employees and your employees have to know they can count on you as well – it’s a mutual respect and appreciation of each other, in my opinion.” – Michelle, 5 years at Hoyle Tanner

“Hoyle Tanner’s remote work policy extends well beyond a response to COVID 19.  The connection tools and schedule flexibility offer a better work-life balance for me.” Todd, 19 years at Hoyle Tanner