Hoyle, Tanner is currently working on evaluating rehabilitation options for the eastbound Amoskeag Bridge in Manchester, New Hampshire. We are currently in the engineering study phase of this important project. The study phase includes a full-bridge inspection, life cycle analyses of various deck rehabilitation or replacement alternatives, and the development of traffic control options.

As part of the study, our remote pilot operators used small unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones) to take images and videos during peak traffic hours over I-293 and the Exit 6 interchange. The purpose of these flights was to establish a baseline of traffic flows. To view the full drone video, click here. Traffic control during construction will need careful planning and coordination with an estimated 25,000 vehicles per day that travel the bridge.

This historic bridge, along with its twin to the north, was constructed in 1970 and was proposed to cost an estimated $3 million. The Amoskeag deck girder bridges are important structures that link the east and west sides of the city and provide a primary connection between Interstate 293 and downtown and will continue to be studied.