You may have noticed lately that we are posting a lot of “we’re hiring” messages on our social feeds and on our careers page. LinkedIn and Facebook are peppered with our desire for you to join our team. We wanted to take a minute to share the why behind the what.

There are two reasons we’re featuring so many open and new positions.

The first is that we want future employees to share in the excellence and success our founders built. In 1973, John Tanner and Henry “Doug” Hoyle built a company based on wastewater treatment and aviation engineering. Over the years, this company has grown to include 100-150 employees at any given time. Every one of our professionals works hard to contribute to our culture so that we maintain not only the level of our expertise and innovation, but also our familiarity, flexibility, and generosity towards the community and our team. We take pride in being a great place to work.

The second is that we have increased opportunities. We have made it a point to plan – strategic initiatives, a rebrand, and a new vision for our company’s immediate and distant future. We are also busier than ever! We have more plentiful and diverse projects with municipalities, institutions, private entities, and state agencies on the books. The abundance of projects means we need to add to our pool of talented and driven professionals.

There’s no better time to work at Hoyle Tanner than right now, and we would love for you to share the news or apply to be a part of our amazing team. If you are looking for new opportunities to join an exciting and diverse team on the move, then visit our careers page and make sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more career announcements!