Betsy Bosiak Land Acquisition Specialist & Traveler

Betsy Bosiak
1.  What drew you to Hoyle, Tanner?
I had always enjoyed working with the personnel at Hoyle Tanner. I had worked with them when I worked at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and when I was Chairman of the Epsom Planning Board, we used them as our engineering firm. When I was offered the position of Land Acquisition Specialist, I was pleased to become part of the team.
2. What’s something invaluable you’ve learned here?
How to put together estimates for Right-of-Way time and expenses. 
3. What’s your favorite time of year to work at Hoyle, Tanner?
Summer – it is much easier to look at properties to see what is there. You can’t locate items under the snow, plants, etc.
4. What’s the coolest thing you are working on?
I just finished an easement acquisition between a client and a utility company for a bridge project, and it was interesting because each of the parties involved had items they wanted to include, which doesn’t typically happen.
5. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you so far this week?
The warm weather and being able to get outside and work in my yard.
6. How many different states have you lived in?
Four States – Connecticut, New Hampshire, Ohio and Maryland
7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Chicken Parmigiana
8. What kind of pet do you have and how did you choose to name it?
We used to have feral cats we took care of, which lived in a shed outside which we called “the cats.”
9. What is a fun or interesting fact about your hometown?
Watching it change from a small town where most of the population was related to a growing suburb of Concord.
10. What are three things still left on your bucket list
1. Visit countries in Europe
2. Visit remaining states I haven’t been to

11. Name three items you’d take with you to a desert island
The only things I need are:
1. The latest best seller
2. A comfortable bed
3. A tent

12. What characteristic do you admire most in others?
Knowledge & pleasantry
13. How old is the oldest item in your closet?
I have a 30-year-old sweatshirt.
14. Words to live by? Favorite Quote?
“Learn something new every day.” I like learning things, and it keeps my mind open.
15. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A teacher and a landscape architect.
16. If you were to skydive from an airplane what would you think about on the way down?
“How did I allow myself get talked into this?” I don’t like heights or looking down from them.