Aidan Short is this month's employee spotlight! In the photo on the left, he sits on a pile of red rocks in the desert. Then there is a purple and yellow bar in Hoyle Tanner colors and the words "Employee Spotlight" over a blue background on the right

Meet Aidan Short, EIT – Environmental Engineer & Mediocre Golfer

What drew you to Hoyle Tanner?

While preparing for the UNH career fair as a student, I found that Hoyle Tanner was one of the only participating companies with water resources work. After meeting with Michelle Stewart and Shawn Tobey at the fair I was invited for an interview in the Manchester office. I ended up being impressed with the office space and intrigued by some of the Hoyle Tanner projects we discussed, as well as getting along well with Bob Furey and Todd Clark during the interview. These factors and the company’s desire to pursue sustainable work convinced me to pick Hoyle Tanner over some alternatives. Once I started working I found that I fit well at the company and have been here ever since.

What’s something invaluable you’ve learned here?

I think Hoyle Tanner has helped me improve as a collaborator. In school I often found myself driving projects with little support and as a result I struggled not to be overbearing when I started here. Beginning my career at the bottom of the ladder and working with a variety of capable individuals has had a positive influence on my productivity and willingness to engage in team-oriented projects.

What’s your favorite time of year to work at Hoyle Tanner?

I’m a big fan of the holidays thanks to the Christmas party and the increased focus on study-type work during that time of year.

What’s the coolest thing you are working on & why?

I’ve been enjoying working on the RISER initiative when my schedule has allowed it. A lot of the RISER topics are things I’ve been interested in learning about since I started, and the group has enabled me (and others) to pursue training in the topics we choose. I’ve also been enjoying some of my stormwater work in the Burlington area as it’s given me a chance to generate standardized models for improving stormwater design efficiency. I generally prefer generating new methods to streamline our typical workflows or complete new types of projects we don’t have experience with.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you recently (this week, this month, this year)?

I recently returned from a vacation to Portugal with my fiancée. We visited Lisbon, Porto, and Lagos and loved almost everything about it, especially the food, wine, architecture, scenery, and the laid-back attitudes of the locals.

How many different states have you lived in?

I’ve actually lived in New Hampshire for my entire life, though I’m hoping to move up to Portland, Maine at some point in the next several years.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

I would never say no to any type of shawarma dish. Indian butter chicken and American-style brisket sandwiches would be close runners-up.

What kind of pet do you have & how did you choose to name it?

Unfortunately I don’t have any pets right now (partly because I’m allergic to fur), but I think sphinx cats are hilarious and would love to get one.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

My bucket list is way too long to pick three things, but I suppose I would say some combination of traveling (to about 60 different countries), learning a couple new languages, and golfing at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Name three items you’d take with you to a desert island:

I would die almost immediately so I’d try to enjoy the time I had left. I’d probably bring my golf clubs (not really 1 item), a cornhole set (also not really 1 item), and a really sweet Hawaiian shirt so I could die in style.

What characteristic do you admire most in others?

I’d say either enthusiasm or accountability.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I always wanted to be a surgeon before I knew how long I would need to be in school.

What’s one of your most ridiculous/nonsensical fears?

I don’t know if it’s nonsensical since they’re legitimately terrifying, but Portugal introduced me to centipedes (gigantic ones) and I swear those are the fastest things that have ever lived. Sleep with your lights on if you go there.

Words to live by? Favorite quote? Why?

“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” – Michael Scott

Probably my favorite because personally I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. Also because dude’s a gold mine and I could’ve picked any one of about 20 quotes. And I’ve watched The Office 21 times all the way through so you could say it’s almost starting to border on an unhealthy obsession.


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