If you are a skier, snowboarder or snowshoer, you may be struggling this winter to find your recreational outlets with snow melting faster than usual thanks to warmer temps over the past several weeks. Winter is not over yet, so there is still potential to grab some powder, but this winter has definitely felt different so far!

Is this one more example of climate change? Let’s review some climate change statements and see if they are true:

There are a lot of myths floating in the environmental sphere. While it can feel like there is nothing but impending devastation, there is a lot of hope for a greener future if we make some (small and large) changes. At Hoyle Tanner, we have a RISER action group, and are implementing processes to help clients make more environmentally-friendly choices in their projects. Last but not least, our environmental permitting group has years of permitting and wildlife experience to ensure that our projects cause the least disruption possible to the natural ecosystem. Do you have a project that needs to be reviewed through an environmental lens? Reach out to me!

*Sources of data include the following websites: NOAA’s climate.gov, NCEI.noaa.gov, and NASA’s climate.nasa.gov


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