In spring 2014, the Burlington International Airport enlisted the professional services of the Hoyle Tanner engineering team to prepare the design and provide the construction administration for the reconstruction of the Terminal Apron. This multiphase project included the reconstruction of nearly 72,000 square yards of terminal apron pavement. While the magnitude of the project explains the nine-year timetable it took to complete, the project also faced lack of funding during certain years and required creative approaches to keep progress moving where possible. That is why we acknowledge and celebrate that this project reached its final stages of construction by this Labor Day 2022.

Over 80% of the existing terminal apron pavement consisted of aging Portland Concrete Cement (PCC). That existing 27-year-old PCC pavement was experiencing alkali-silica reaction (ASR) failures and creating foreign object debris (FOD). The design included the removal and replacement of both the terminal apron’s PCC and bituminous concrete pavement; removal and replacement of the existing storm drainage system; and the reapplication of the airport surface painted markings.

Hoyle Tanner developed a detailed phasing plan following their analysis of the operational space needs of and safety concerns of each of the Airport’s airline partners. The phasing included individual project areas with the intent to evenly spread operational impacts between each of these airlines, allowing the Airport enough production to realize reasonable improvements in one-year increments. The phasing also considered the remaining pavement design life in order to maximize FAA funding. The construction phasing plan also allowed for coordination with the Vermont Air National Guard (ANG) to confirm there would be no impacts to ANG operations and allow access for emergency vehicles.

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