Our new owners each demonstrate extremely high levels of service to our clients and significant positive impacts to the engineering profession. Each of our owners unwaveringly displays leadership, client and community relationship development, team building, and project and financial management. These professionals have dedicated years of service creating a better work environment and exceptional client service. We asked them what it means for them to become an owner of the firm they have dedicated so much to.

Josif Bicja photo


Josif Bicja

“I am grateful for the career growth opportunities that Hoyle, Tanner provides to all employees. Being a new stockholder is a testament of trust Hoyle, Tanner’s leadership has in me and I am appreciative of how every employee is treated and respected in this firm.”



Michelle Carrozzella photoMichelle Carrozzella

“I am extremely honored and grateful to have been presented with the opportunity to invest in the firm and join a team of owners who are committed to this company’s success. Since joining the firm in August 2016, it has become clear to me that this would be where I would spend the remainder of my career. It makes sense to be in business with the rest of the ownership team and work with them to grow the company.”


Joe Ducharme photoJoe Ducharme

“My interest in becoming a shareholder at Hoyle, Tanner first and foremost is to demonstrate to my peers and our clients my belief in and commitment to the firm. Secondly, ownership in the firm affords the opportunity to have a voice to express ideas, accolades, and concerns on behalf of my colleagues and myself on a peer-to-peer level with other owners of the firm. Finally, it is a great opportunity for long-term financial returns that are more directly attributable to the hard work and dedication of the ownership and staff of the firm.”


Stephen Haas photoStephen Haas

“It is an honor to be recognized by the company for the hard work that I have contributed. Becoming an owner reaffirms that I am part of a great team and my shared investment in the company’s future motivates me to increase my contributions and dedication each day!”


Aaron Lachance photoAaron Lachance

“I am excited, honored, and humbled to become a stockholder at Hoyle, Tanner. I am grateful to the Board of Directors for their confidence and for the opportunity to expand my leadership role in the firm. Most of all, I am proud to be taking this important step with such a stellar group of individuals – all my colleagues and teammates here at Hoyle, Tanner.”

Wilbur Mathurin photoWilbur J. Mathurin

“I have the privilege of playing an integral part in shaping the future of the company. I look forward to helping continue to make this a great place to work, while finding new ways to provide quality service to our clients.” 




Please join us in congratulating our team members joining our ownership ranks.