This summer, Hoyle Tanner welcomed several interns across our services. From wastewater to aviation and transportation, they have jumped straight into projects and have gotten their hands dirty out in the field. Meet our interns!

Amy DeCola is an environmental engineering intern and an EIT in the state of Vermont. She joins our Vermont office while working on her master’s at the University of Vermont, where she co-authored a publication on microbiomes.  Amy has worked on several wastewater treatment projects since her onboarding, including a plant refurbishment and facility optimization.

Dasha Serdyuk is an intern studying environmental engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Since starting with us in May, Dasha has worked on a number of projects including studies, a pump station replacement, and groundwater monitoring.

”I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone, building friendships and career connections. When coworkers coordinate with me about project work, I feel like a valued member of the team.”

Nicholas Eagan (top photo) is an engineering intern for our Ground Transportation Division who has worked on numerous projects since onboarding over a year ago. He has his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Hampshire and is currently working on his master’s degree. Nicholas is a licensed Engineer in Training in New Hampshire, and he provides valuable assistance with OpenRoads modeling and cost estimating. His background in sustainability helps Nick take a more complete look at a project during its design phase.

“What I have really enjoyed has been the variety of tasks that I have gotten the chance to work on. Yes, I do a lot of CADD and estimates, but little side projects like traffic control plans or plan calculations help to break up that work and make the job really interesting.”

Derek Bosworth (top middle photo) attends the University of Rhode Island for civil engineering and is an intern out of our Portsmouth office. He has since been involved with various municipal projects including site designs, roadway improvement projects and drainage studies.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to intern at Hoyle Tanner. Every day I go to work knowing I will be a better engineer than I was yesterday. The Hoyle Tanner team is very welcoming and is always happy to help with whatever is needed. I look forward to seeing the people I work with each day and will certainly keep in touch with them long after my internship.”

Nikolai Bofinger is a transportation engineering intern out of our Manchester office. Since onboarding in May, he has been assisting our Ground Transportation Division with drafting work, calculating quantities/estimates, assisting at field visits and bid analyses.

“The community in the office is very helpful and welcoming, especially when I have many questions to ask them, they always find a way to help me out. Steve, my supervisor, has tried to give me opportunities to help in varying areas, to experience a lot of different tasks. I appreciate [that] since I’m not quite set on anything specific in the civil engineering field quite yet.”

JayZe Elysee (bottom middle photo) is an aviation engineering intern studying at the Florida Institute of Technology. He has been working on several airport master plan updates, taxiway and T-Hangar construction projects, and a fuel farm rehabilitation.

“I like the schedule flexibility that Hoyle Tanner provides, and the typical week work schedule of in the office and at home. I enjoy working in the aviation field because I also enjoy flying so it’s awesome to get to see the aircrafts out in the airports where construction is being done.”

Rebekah Gebru (bottom photo) is an aviation engineering intern out of our Chelmsford, Massachusetts office. She is studying at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and has worked on several airport projects since starting with us in May. Since onboarding with us, Rebekah has gained experience on projects like apron rehabilitations, runway marking design, and pavement maintenance.

Check out our careers page for available positions and keep an eye out for next summer’s internships. Grow with us and our team as we enter our 50th anniversary as a firm. Thank you to all our interns for sharing their experiences!