We are pleased to announce that Hoyle, Tanner has been recognized by several awards this year for the successful completion of the Old Blenheim Covered Bridge located in North Blenheim, New York.

After standing sound for over 150 years, the bridge was destroyed in 2011 as a result of flooding during Tropical Storm Irene. The rising water lifted the bridge off its abutments, collapsing the Trusses, and causing damages beyond repair. Being one of the longest single-span wooden covered bridges in the world and a part of the community, North Blenheim was motivated to rebuild, and trusted Hoyle, Tanner to design the bridge superstructure in a way that closely replicated the lost bridge.

Replacing the bridge was no easy task, as it was a National Historic Landmark from 1964 to 2015. The 228’ long replacement bridge is still one of the longest single-span covered bridges in the world and retains the original structural design and appearance. The Blenheim Bridge is one of only 6 double barrel covered bridges standing in the country and is considered to be the first intentionally prestressed wooden truss bridge ever built. Prestressing provides the advantage of reduced deflection of the structure and allows for a more efficient load distribution to the truss members, which reduces the materials needed in the bridge. The reconstruction of the Blenheim Covered Bridge provides the social benefit of replicating the unique and historic structure and restoring a part of history that was lost from the flooding.

We are honored to be recognized for our contributions to this amazing project.

2019 Excellence in Structural Engineering
2019 Excellence in Engineering