We are pleased to announce the following employees are celebrating employment anniversaries this month; combined, they have 173 years at Hoyle Tanner. The effort and dedication of our employees plays a tremendous role in our success, and we appreciate their commitment!

*It’s Hoyle Tanner’s 50th anniversary this year! Keep an eye on our FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter feeds for articles and anniversary news!

Paula Boyle Headshot
Paula Boyle – 36 years
Donna Akerley Headshot
Donna Akerley – 35 years
Deb Coon Headshot
Deb Coon – 24 years
Janet Bishop Headshot
Janet Bishop – 17 years
Nichole Davis Headshot
Nichole Davis – 17 years
Stephen Haas Headshot
Stephen Haas – 17 years

Shawn Tobey Headshot
Shawn Tobey – 13 years
Michelle Carrozzella Headshot
Michelle Carrozzella – 7 years
Emily Belisle Headshot
Emily Belisle – 3 years
Anne Verville Headshot
Anne Verville – 2 years 
Mallory Rakowski Headshot
Mallory Rakowski – 1 year
Alex Spieler Headshot
Alex Spieler – 1 year