City of South Burlington

Bartlett Bay WWTF Conceptual Engineering Evaluation & Refurbishment Cost Estimate

South Burlington, VT

Project Summary

Hoyle Tanner assisted the City of South Burlington with planning, final engineering and construction administration of the Bartlett Bay Wastewater Treatment Facility, completed in 1999. Wastewater treatment facilities typically undergo refurbishment every 20 years. After 17 years of reliable service, the City again chose Hoyle Tanner to prepare for the facility’s next upgrade. The City has included “The Bartlett Bay Upgrade” in their 10 Year General Fund Capital Plan with an initial targeted investment of $15 million in FY2023 and FY2024.  

However, the scope and extent of “The Bartlett Bay Upgrade” was unknown to the City. Hoyle Tanner completed a Conceptual Engineering Facility Condition Assessment and Cost Estimate to refurbish the Bartlett Bay Wastewater Treatment Facility to allow the City to better prepare financially for the upgrade. 

The Facility Condition Assessment included assessment of the headworks, clarifiers, aeration tanks, UV disinfection, sludge handling, control building and site infrastructure. Concrete structure condition was also evaluated, and recommendations were developed to address the aging tankage. Hoyle Tanner also evaluated treatment technology, configuration layout alternatives and sizing for major treatment systems and developed a conceptual construction cost estimate for the planned 20-year facility refurbishment.   

The comprehensive Preliminary Engineering Report is complete with preliminary and final design slated for 2023.


  • Condition Assessment 
  • Report Preparation 
  • Study 
  • Facilities Planning 
  • Report Preparation 

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