Nicole Centerbar in a wedding dress next to her husband and with dogs

Transportation Engineer & Car Enthusiast

  1. What drew you to Hoyle, Tanner?
    • I got to work with Hoyle, Tanner as a client during an internship in college and really enjoyed working with them and also all of the opportunities they have to work in multiple disciplines really appealed to me.
  2. What’s something invaluable you’ve learned here?
    • Always ask questions, there’s always something to learn.
  3. What’s your favorite time of year to work at Hoyle, Tanner?
    • Summertime is always great because it’s a mix of office work and getting outside to do field work.
  4. What’s the coolest thing you are working on?
    • I’m working on a couple of culvert projects on a road near my house that I will get to drive over every day knowing I helped design them which will be cool.
  5. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you so far this week?
    • My fantasy football team went for 230 points!
  6. How many different states have you lived in?
    • Just Vermont. I actually lived in the same house my entire life until a year ago.
  7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
    • Anything pasta
  8. What kind of pet do you have and how did you choose to name it?
    • I have a Siberian Husky named Samantha and a King Charles Spaniel named Optimus Prime. Samantha was always a name my husband and I liked and it just fit when we got her as a puppy. Optimus Prime was a puppy around the time the Transformers movies were coming out and my husband, who was 16 at the time, picked the name.
  9. What is a fun or interesting fact about your hometown?
    • Burlington has one of only 2 high schools in the country with a seahorse mascot.
  10. What are three things still left on your bucket list?
    • Own an ’88 BMW E30 M3
    • Drive the Nürburgring in Germany
    • Pass the PE exam
  11. Name three items you’d take with you to a desert island
    • My husband
    • A sailboat
    • Rob Siegel’s Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic
  12. What characteristic do you admire most in others?
    • Integrity
  13. How old is the oldest item in your closet?
    • A 47-year-old valve cover from a ’72 BMW 2002tii I use to own
  14. Words to live by? Favorite quote?
    • “Life is too short to drive boring cars” -Ssharad Malhotra
  15. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
    • I always wanted to be a doctor until I discovered I have a terribly weak stomach.
  16. If you were to skydive from an airplane what would you think about on the way down?
    • Hoping I don’t land wrong and break an ankle like my dad did a couple of years ago.