Doug is a Senior Vice President and Division Manager for Southeast Aviation Services out of our Florida office. Doug has a long and storied career in the aviation industry, and today, his career involves overseeing the Florida operations, coordinating with clients, serving as Principal-in-Charge on projects, and coordinating construction services for a few of our Florida clients. Doug sits on the Board of Directors and is the senior company shareholder. He is actively invested in the success and future planning of Hoyle Tanner. Despite being busy within the company, Doug is engaged in the wellbeing of his community and actively participates in serving through his Church and other local events including the annual Christian HELP Season of Giving.  

When Doug isn’t helping lead the company into the future, you can find him outdoors observing the God created beauty of this country or at home with his wife of 33 years and their coonhounds. Doug will be the first to admit that his success in life is the direct result of the support he has received from God and his family.